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  • Term 2 Grading
    Hello! Sensei Dan here again with news about our Term 2 Grading and end of year Black Belt grading. Term 2 Grading Invitations have been sent 🙂 Grading will run from 1pm on June 12 atBaldivis South Community CentreBanksia Hall (Main Hall behind where we usually train)13 Lamorak Way, Baldivis … Continue reading “Term 2 Grading”
  • June Newsletter
    Hello and Welcome to Winter! As a proud Scandinavian Australian the Winters in Perth seem quite mild apart from some of those storms. We generally don’t need to worry about our water pipes freezing but I hope everyone is ready for the rain, wind and hail. Term 2 Grading Our … Continue reading “June Newsletter”
  • May 2021 Newsletter
    Hello! Dan here 🙂 Well it’s Week 5 of Term and we’re starting to think about this term’s Grading Day! The Covid lockdown disrupted classes a little but our awesome came to the rescue again. We will run our Grading on the 12th of June in the early afternoon. … Continue reading “May 2021 Newsletter”
  • Classes Week of 3 May 2021
    Hello again As per government advise over the weekend we are able to run classes face to face but with restrictions We will run classes in the normal locations and times. For more information on restrictions see
    Hello! Once again our has let us train during Covid-19 restrictions. Myself and Senpai Bea spent a lot of time during the long lockdown of 2020 figuring out how to do classes over Video safely and securely and while I didn’t think we’d still be needing it I’m very … Continue reading “”
  • Classes Week 26 April 2021
    Hello We have received clarification from the WA Corona Virus Helpline that no indoor physical activity is currently permitted. This includes dance classes, indoor group fitness and unfortunately martial arts classes. We considered running classes where we ran the final grading of 2020 but unfortunately Mother Nature has different ideas … Continue reading “Classes Week 26 April 2021”
  • Syllabus Published
    Hello! I had a great chat with Paul and Charlie tonight and am really pleased that Charlie wants to start helping in class. I went to send over the instructor training materials and felt the urge to do a quick update which I thought I may as well publish here. … Continue reading “Syllabus Published”
  • April 2021 Newsletter
    Timetable Changes and New Location As Ive mentioned previously Saturday morning classes have stopped and are being replaced by Wednesday after school classes. We have applied to hire the main hall at the John Wellard Community Centre and hope to be able to start classes in the first or second … Continue reading “April 2021 Newsletter”
  • March 2021 Newsletter
    Hello! Dan from Karate here and I’m really pleased to be able to send you out a newsletter in this new format. We’ve had a number of technical issues getting this up and running and I’m really glad to finally be able to communicate with you using this new forum. … Continue reading “March 2021 Newsletter”

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